Arturia Mini V3 (Win & Mac)


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Arturia’s Mini V takes their spot-on software model of a legendary analog synthesizer to the next level of sophistication. Through merging historical circuitry designs with cutting-edge software technologies, you get the amazingly warm and gooey sound of a classic analog synth, plus the preset management, automation, and extensive sound-shaping only a plug-in can provide. Use it as a plug-in to inject your tracks with serious vintage fatness and vibe. Or you can put it into standalone mode and take to the stage with your Arturia Mini V virtual synthesizer!

 Main Features:

  • All the parameters of the original Mini V
    • 3 voltage controlled oscillators with 5 waveforms
    • 1 amazing 24 dB/octave filter
    • 2 ADSR envelopes
    • LFO with 7 waveforms
    • 1 Noise Generator
    • 1 VCA
    • 1 Mixer
    • 1 external audio input and 1 external oscillator and filter modulation input
  • Modulation matrix with up to 8 connections (15 sources and 35 destinations)
  • Arpeggiator
  • Vocal Filter: a fully automatable, formant-based effect with its own LFO
  • Up to 32 voices of polyphony
  • Unison mode option
  • More than 450 presets created by an international team of top-notch sound designers
  • Stereo effects: chorus and delay
  • Soft clipping function
  • Advanced automation mode
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